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  • 12-13

  • Born 2007-2008

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  • Concentrate on refining and expanding their technical skills and abilities as well as their fine motor skills on skis.

  • Greater emphasis on slalom and speed events. 

  • 55% of the time there will be a strong focus on directed and undirected free skiing.

  • 45% of the time the coaches will focus on technical and tactical drills.


It’s very important for the athletes to have the highest possible attendance to take advantage of more race starts as well as skill development as they accumulate miles on their skis and get stronger.

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Training Schedule


Training will be two nights per week Tuesday and Thursday from  6:30-8:30 p.m. and Saturdays 9-1 p.m.


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  • Tyler Travis (Head Coach)

  • Dave Hoyt

  • Mike Ketchum

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