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Producing Well-Rounded Racers

The purpose of the Toggenburg Junior Racing Association is to provide opportunities for its members to develop and refine their skills and knowledge of ski racing through proper conditioning, training and competition. Ski racing is a vehicle that helps young skiers enjoy balanced personal growth and develop specific skills which will enhance not only their skiing ability, but benefit all areas of their lives. Some of these skills and abilities include:

  • Mental and physical discipline

  • Sportsmanship

  • Sound knowledge of skiing technique

  • Setting reasonable and obtainable goals

  • Adapting to different environments/situations

  • Effective interpersonal skills

  • Good manners and social principles

  • Sound work ethic and self motivation


In The Best Environment

In order to facilitate this growth and development, the training and competition program is organized with the intent to provide the following:

  • Quality coaching for young athletes

  • Instruction in proper skiing technique

  • Environment conducive to effective training

  • Focus on cost-effectiveness of sponsored activities

  • Promotion of self-motivation and creativity in the athletes

  • Efforts to keep training activities interesting and enjoyable

  • Enhancement of self-esteem


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