Our unique Gatebuster Program is a perfect way for your child to gain an introduction to ski racing.  Specially designed for 5-8 year olds, this program emphasizes fun and fundamentals. You can be sure that your child will receive individual attention in a safe environment with our small class sizes (we guarantee two coaches per class). Children are also introduced to racing, at our fun races held on the last three Saturday sessions of the program.  With their NASTAR membership, Children can participate in NASTAR at Toggenburg as well as other NASTAR sites.

The program consists of six Saturday training sessions. This creative setup allows students to develop a positive feel for the sport—our goal is to nurture young skiers in a positive environment.


Gatebusters can be a gateway to more competitive levels, or just a fun activity that gives a great foundation for future recreational skiing.

Gatebusters Holiday Camp

Gatebuster Holiday Camp is from 9-1 each day:

  • Dates TBA

Registration for Holiday Camp can be done online or in-person on the first day.

Gatebusters 2020-21 Season

Gatebusters must register for NASTAR.

Click on the link below to register.

The Gatebuster program will start on TBA and runs through Saturday (6 weeks later)  from 9 to 1 the first three Saturdays and from 9 until 2 the last three Saturdays with fun races on these days.


Note: If a Saturday is cancelled due to conditions, the makeup day will be a Sunday in February.