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Afternoon Program

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​Toggenburg’s afternoon training program is for committed and dedicated athletes only, U14 and up, who want to maximize their training and racing potential at Toggenburg. This will be a highly selective program designed, not based on race results or finishes, but on commitment, dedication and hard work. The goal of this program is to provide an alternative program for athletes who desire a more focused program to fit their needs, who are dedicated to training, goal setting and improving their skiing and ski racing skills and for those who are looking for a program that challenges their commitment to hard work on a daily basis and throughout the year. The athletes accepted into this program must have a desire to work hard to achieve their goals.

The Toggenburg Afternoon Program will be an extension, not a replacement, of the regular program offered by Toggenburg Junior Ski Racing Association. Our goal and our structure will be the same. Our focus will, and always will be on increasing the fundamental skills of the athletes. The increased time is not only increase in time on snow, but also time to focus on individual goal setting, video analysis, and many other things we just don’t have enough time to focus on with the standard program. It will be an all-inclusive program focusing on the total athlete, not post season results.


Among other things, athletes accepted into the program will commit to a formal goal setting program. This program will be monitored weekly, with opportunities to adjust and analyze goals on a regular basis. All athletes will also keep a training journal emphasizing short term goal achievement and daily productivity. A commitment to conditioning will also be a major part of the program. All athletes in the program will be expected to, not only maintain proper physical condition, but improve and increase their conditioning throughout the year. Coaches will be responsible for educating and guiding the athletes in the proper direction.


There is an application for this program designed to be submitted BY THE ATHLETE, not the parent. Consideration will be given based on past history, both in racing and training commitment, as well as a strong emphasis put on the racer’s short essay describing why they want to be in the afternoon program. Part of this application will be a contract that both parents and athletes will sign regarding what is expected from them both. Any wandering from the path set out by the coaches, by parents OR athletes, may result in ejection from the program.


The afternoon program will run after school Monday through Friday from 3:30-6:30 during the week. These days will include on snow training days, conditioning days AND rest days. Each program will be designed to fit each individual athlete as much as possible while still maintaining a team atmosphere. All athletes must commit to at least 4 of the 5 days of training per week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are mandatory training days. The athletes are then free to choose between Monday and Friday as their fourth mandatory day, or they can attend both days. Weekends, Christmas and winter camps practice will be held with the regular race program. This is designed to be an advance program for dedicated athletes.

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Equipment Needed


US Ski and Snowboard Alpine Equipment Guide Specifications

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