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Get To Know Us A Little Bit Better

Who Is The Toggenburg Junior Race Team?

We are a group of families, coaches, and volunteers dedicated to alpine ski racing and the development of young ski racers in a fun, positive environment. Our program is designed to give children who love to ski the opportunity to improve both their technical and general skiing skills. The emphasis is on having fun, while concentrating on all aspects of ski racing.

Our goal is to help all skiers reach their potential. We want our racers to understand how dedication and hard work can lead to individual and team accomplishments. When it’s time to leave the program, our racers will have a great foundation to continue to ski recreationally even if they do not continue to race. Skiing is a sport in which these athletes will be able to participate throughout their lives.

A Tight-Knit Group

We are a family-oriented organization with tight ties amongst our families and a strong belief in providing ongoing support for all our racers. From Gatebusters on up, racers are part of one large racing family. And our great spirit of volunteerism has allowed us to build a reputation as one of the strongest alpine racing organizations in our area.

Fundamentals Lead to Excellence


A member of the New York State Ski Racing Association (NYSSRA), Toggenburg race team includes athletes ranging in age from five to nineteen. No previous racing experience is required to join, however, participants must be comfortable skiing all types of terrain and for the youngest participants, they must be able to ride lifts with some assistance and eventually by themselves.

Athletes spend the majority of their time on the development and refinement of skiing skills, with an emphasis upon strong fundamentals. These fundamentals are then applied in a competitive situation. Our goal is to help competitors become the best that they can be. Whether the recreational path is chosen or the road to higher competition, we strive to instill a healthy competitive drive and lifetime love of the sport.


The association is organized into the following race levels:

Gatebusters: ages 5-8

U10: ages 9-10

U12: ages 11-12

U14: ages 13-14

U18: ages 15-19

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